The Greatness that is GrillGrate

img_2328What are GrillGrate and why use them? GrillGrate are uniquely designed, interlocking panels made from anodized aluminum that can replace or be used in conjunction with your existing grill grates on your gas grill, Weber kettle grill, kamado  style grill or a pellet grill.  They are so versatile that you can even place them over an open fire.  The anodized aluminum allows the grates to conduct heat more efficiently and evenly than cast iron or stainless steel grates.  This is what delivers those fabulous grill marks we all love to see.

img_3508-2GrillGrates have valleys between the grates with proportionally sized holes that allow for vaporization.  Meat drippings are captured in the valleys instead of being dropped on hot coals.  This practically eliminates flare-ups which can be very beneficial when grilling something like chicken thighs or hamburgers.  In addition, the drippings vaporize and are distributed back to the surface.  To me, it makes sense that this process adds more flavor and moister to the food.

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The ever controversial Orange Roughy and a recipe to redeem it!

img_3462In my opinion, Orange Roughy is a not a very desirable looking fish when it is pulled from the freezing depths of the ocean. This could be because it is one of the longest living fish ranging from 100 years to 149 years old. However, looks can be deceiving. This brick-like red, rough scaled, round-headed fish, when filleted and cooked, delivers a mild, delicate flavor with large flakes of white meat.

There are those who will argue that Orange Roughy should be avoided. So, I will briefly point out two negatives which you can explore further through a simple Google search. Because they live so deep in the ocean, they are mainly caught by sea-trawling which means other sea life parishes during this process. In addition, because of their age, they tend to have higher traces of mercury.

I have made the personal decision to eat Orange Roughy for two positive reasons I can think of off-the-top-of-my-head. First, it is a low calorie option. One serving contains approximately 89 calories and less than a gram of fat of which only a tiny portion is saturated. Second, it contains several vitamins and minerals such as niacin, iron, vitamin B and E along with folate, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus.

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Rutland Safe Lite Fire Starter Squares Review

As you know, there are many ways to light your kamado grill.  Just to name a few that I bet will be familiar to you,  a propane torch,  heating loop or a fan-powered heat stick (heat gun).  I’m sure you have even fired up your grill, like I have in the past, by using newspaper and matches to light your starter chimney.  There are plenty more methods that I’m sure I have not mentioned.  I, personally,  have only used three,  a heat gun,  starter chimney  and lighter squares….which brings me to the point of this post.

I want to take a few minutes of your time to tell you about my favorite method and why.  First, allow me to brief you on the others.  The heat gun works well, but it has a few drawbacks.  It’s electric, or at lease the one I have is and it must be plugged in.  You must monitor it while using.  Then you have to let it cool down in a safe place.

Now, the starter chimney works nice.  It get’s the grill up to temp quickly, which I like.  However, I find it  just a little cumbersome.

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Smokeware Chimney Cap Review


We haven’t had much rain in Atlanta this summer, which is great for grilling, but not for keeping your backyard plants watered.  Much like your plants need water, your grill needs to be dry when grilling, especially a kamado grill.

I own a Classis 18” Kamado Joe grill that comes with a standard daisy-wheel type easy-open dome.  However, water can penetrate through it, making it impossible to maintain a dry grill and correct temperatures.

If you are like me, your desire is to be able to grill almost every day, rain or shine.  Short of rigging an umbrella, this is impossible.  So, I decided to do a little research for a solution.  I stumbled upon  This site is full of after-market accessories for grills, but primarily for kamado style grills.

I found a really nice stainless steel chimney cap and a flat cap for my kamado grill.  The chimney cap replaces the standard dome and waterproofs the chimney.

I placed my order and received it within three days.  After a quick and easy installation, I was up and running on a dry grill, regardless of Mother Nature’s mood.

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Date-night Fajitas


When I think about fajitas, one thing comes to mind….date night with my girl.  Usually, all of the stars must align in order for a date nigh to even to occur.  We are both divorced and we both have children.  So, in order for this to happen, we have to be childless, meaning my kids are with my ex and her kid is with her ex.  Catch my drift?  Don’t get me wrong, we both love our children and we especially love when all of us are together on the same night which also only occurs with a special alignment of stars.  I’ll explain this eventually.

On date night, we usually venture on over to our local Mexican flair for Fajitas for Two.  I start out with my usual, a Dos Equis.  My girl likes what I call, a tanker-truck full of top-shelf margarita, on the rocks with salt.  Along with our drinks, we like to have a little appetizer.  At our favorite Mexican dive, the cheese dip with minced jalapenos is the best! Then the fajitas for two arrive.  Since we can’t agree on either chicken or steak, we order a combination of both!  Nice.

This date night thing got me thinking…what if I could re-create this at home?  Why, you may ask?  Several reasons.   First, we enjoy being home together, especially alone, on the rare occasion that we have no children.  Second, because we love sitting on our deck in our wooded backyard on our little one acre lot in Marietta, Georgia, which  -by the way- is crawling distance from The Big Chicken (the locals know what I’m talking about-I’ll explain another time).  Isn’t that enough?  Okay. Okay.  So, it just so happens I love to cook and it just so happens I own a Kamado Joe.  There.  Now on with the rest of the story. Continue reading “Date-night Fajitas”